What’s the secret to our success?

What’s the secret to our success?

The First H.B.C.U. Gymnastics Team Is Aiming Even Higher By The Numbers With Our New 2017-18 Schedule

There’s no question that H.B.C.U. has a huge advantage when it comes to gymnastics. We have a tremendous amount of talented gymnasts and a rich history with high-level competition. We have been involved with more meets each year than any other team in the district. We’ve competed on some of the biggest stage’s in the sport. And despite the fact that we were the first H.B.C.U. gymnastics team at Madison, our success has been unprecedented.

We won our first district title in only our first year. We repeated as district champions in each of our three seasons. We’ve been to the state finals five times in nine seasons, most recently in 2017. We’ve been to Regionals twice (2009 in the 1A division and 2017 in the A division), and we have competed in the State finals (2009, 2010) and the Texas Invitational (2011).

Our last four championships have come in the A division, our highest division in the school. The 2018 Championships are this past weekend. It’s been our best season yet, with three state titles, but we are poised for a lot more success.

So, what’s the key to our continued success? How did we put all of our success together in 2018? What are the key factors? How did we put this all together in six years? When it comes to the 2019 season, what are our expectations? And what are we doing to improve to prepare?


What’s the secret to our success? What are the elements that make our team so strong? And how did we put this all together in six years?

Our Schedule in 2018

On the first day of the regular season, our schedule is as follows:

Saturday, February 6

The 1A state finals are in the morning (6:30

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