Trump says Mueller investigation is a witch hunt and a ‘disgrace’

Trump says Mueller investigation is a witch hunt and a 'disgrace'

Trump fumes that another special counsel was sicced on him, calls it ‘politicized’ and a ‘disgrace’

‘This is a circus’: Trump says Mueller investigation is ‘a witch hunt’ and a ‘disgrace’

Trump has made no secret of his dislike for Mueller and his investigation into Russian election meddling

‘We had one. The Mueller Special Counsel was discredited, by the way. Our country is being hurt very badly by the dishonest and corrupt actions and policies of this president,’ he tells reporters.

‘We had one,’ he said later when he was asked about the attorney general’s comments.

The president then turned his attention to CNN host Chris Wallace, who had just asked if he could use his one-on-one interview with the special counsel as a way to show the country how important the investigation was.

‘No, I’d rather not,’ Trump said without answering his own question.

The president then turned around to his former campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, who was standing nearby. ‘I’ll tell you all about it, man,’ Trump said after Lewandowski started trying to tell him what he expected to hear about his meeting in the Oval Office the day before.

Trump told Wallace to check back with the special counsel when the two had their one-on-one interview later.

Fox News political commentator Tucker Carlson called the president ‘an idiot’ after he was asked about Mueller’s handling of the investigation earlier in the day.

‘I don’t like what you’re saying! I don’t like what you’re doing,’ Trump snapped. ‘You can’t do this to me! I don’t have to answer your questions’

President Trump, standing with former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, called a question about Mueller’s investigation a ‘witch hunt,’ then turned back to Fox News host Chris Wallace for advice

Chris Wallace then asked the president what he would advise Mueller to do.

‘Do NOT call the FBI, do NOT call the fbi, do NOT call the justice department, do NOT call the intelligence community. It is a disgraceful

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