The World Is Threatened With Climate Chaos

The World Is Threatened With Climate Chaos

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The global warming scare is a lie. As more and more research is published showing climate change is caused by natural variability, and not by human activity, the warmists continue to insist global warming is real, and that its threat to us is imminent. But their claims are false, and there would be no need for them to make the claims if the world were actually warming – if the sun were warming, the oceans were warming, and the Arctic wasn’t melting. But it isn’t.

It’s easy to see, if you just look at the temperature graph: The trend is upwards, but so slowly as to be practically negligible. The warming since the mid-1800s is only about 1.2 degrees per century, compared to 4 degrees warming from 1900 to the present. The trend since the 1800s is so negligible that the warming since the mid-1800s is more than four times the global warming that has occurred since 1750. (For more on why the warming is so tiny, see my article in the latest issue of the journal Climate Research.) It’s all so absurd, so contradictory to common sense, it’s difficult to believe.

And so, we are told, the world is threatened with climate chaos. Yes, the IPCC’s third assessment report (AR3) says:

Our findings are based on a comprehensive set of observations covering the past 15 years, which show that the increase in atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations may have already reached a level that is sufficient to cause dangerous climate changes.

And we are told there are many reasons why it might be too late to stop the warming:

The climate sensitivities [how much warming is caused by greenhouse gases] of the different components of our climate system are uncertain.

In other words, the scientists who made the report found that the likely climate sensitivity to greenhouse gases is probably over 50 percent, which means that even if we stopped burning down the world’s forests, the climate might warm by over 20 degrees. And that means, they

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