The South Bay is set to experience its third straight day of triple-digit days

The South Bay is set to experience its third straight day of triple-digit days

Cooler temperatures — and maybe some showers — headed to SoCal this weekend, bringing welcome relief from a sweltering heat wave that left many parts of the San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles County reeling, with temperatures as high as 110 degrees.

But with the high temperatures expected to ease from Friday to Sunday, temperatures and humidity are expected to remain high in the coming days.

The National Weather Service in Oxnard on Saturday afternoon predicted that the high temperatures will range between 89 and 93 degrees for the rest of this week, and that rain chances are high for the weekend with a high of 62 percent and a risk of showers for some, especially on Sunday.

The high temperatures over Southern California over the coming days are expected to range from 89 to 93 degrees, with rain coming from the west, according to the weather service’s forecast.

On Friday, the high temperatures at Los Angeles International Airport dipped slightly to 98 degrees, according to the airport’s website.

The low for the day was 91 degrees, and the high was 98 degrees.

The high for Saturday is forecast to be in the mid-90s, according to the weather service.

While the forecasted temperatures for Sunday are much cooler than Friday’s temperatures — a low of 87 degrees and a high of 93 — many still urged residents to stay inside with their windows and doors closed to prevent burning their homes.

The heat wave began Wednesday with some areas in the valley seeing near record-breaking temperatures.

The National Weather Service has issued a heat index prediction for the South Bay on Sunday of 101.

The heat wave has pushed the region into its second straight day of triple-digit days, with the highest high temperature of 108 set for late Friday night in the southern areas of the city of Los Angeles.

The South Bay is set to experience its third straight day with triple-digit temperatures.

In Orange County, the mercury soared above 100 degrees just hours later with the highest temperature on the coast at 108 degrees.

The heat wave was caused by a heat dome in the

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