The Real Heroes of Our Time

The Real Heroes of Our Time

Help! The Hotel I Booked Online Became a Homeless Shelter and No One Told Me.

Editor’s Note

We’ve seen some good stuff over the years. There’s “Where Have All the Cowboys Gone,” the first book-length treatment to be published of the legendary outlaws of Old West lore, “The Great and Only One,” a fictionalized biography of John Ford, and “The Secret History of the American West.” And on the television side, there’s “Gunsmoke,” “Bonanza,” “Mysterious Island,” “The Virginian,” “Gunsmoke” with Ed Asner, “Bonanza” with Phil Morris, and “Mystery Science Theater 3000,” to name a few (“TMZ” was the first reality-program television program on cable to be canceled due to the recession).

But there’s something we haven’t seen, yet. Something we know is out there, and until now we had no idea it existed – a series about real people in real life who were the real heroes of our time, who had saved so many times. And it starts with a man named John, and his wife, Annie, who were, until they got married.

John was a real hero. His was a life of selflessness and sacrifice. And he died doing what he did best: He tried to help others who were the most vulnerable – people who needed assistance in their lives. A former teacher, he had a special gift for helping troubled teens through his support group, called the “I Want to Believe” program, which has been spreading across America since the ’80s.

And this series of books will show just how big a hero he was. Here’s how it starts.

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