The New Mom of a 19-Year-Old Son Wants to Be Closer to Her Son

The New Mom of a 19-Year-Old Son Wants to Be Closer to Her Son

How’s Wendy Williams doin’? She says she’s booked, busy and a soon-to-be doctor.

The news that Williams has found an apartment close to Dr. Tom Sullivan’s clinic in San Francisco has been getting plenty of coverage in the news. The new place, the home of a former reality television star, is so close to Sullivan’s office that a woman living in the house can hear it “all day,” according to one source, and the new couple will be able to attend appointments at Sullivan’s clinic. In the same vein, Williams has said she’s so happy to have found a place she actually wants to be in her own home she would “never, ever, ever go back to” the apartment she lived in briefly with her ex-husband, ex-husband’s attorney, and a handful of other young people (including one gay man) while she lived in New York just before her marriage to ex-husband ended.

And then there’s Williams’s age: She said she wants to be closer to her 19-year-old son, who is the only person in her life who truly has her best interests at heart.

“He deserves a mother who knows what’s important to him, and he’s got real-life problems he wants me to help him with,” Williams said in her interview with Dr. Tom Sullivan for the “Dancing With The Stars” panel discussion, according to TVN News.

Sullivan did not confirm or deny the details of Williams’s description of her relationship with her son. “My son, he’s an awesome kid…. We were best friends for a year or so. I just really adore him. We’ve been together since I was 17, 18, when I was a girl in high school.”

In any case, Sullivan’s clinic will be only a month away from opening, and he’s already made plans for his office’s move: On May 18, he plans to move his offices a few blocks away from his current location, in a location he said he’s “always wanted since I moved

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