The “Hero” Front Line

The “Hero” Front Line

Toronto calls in the superheroes to help with vaccinating young children against COVID-19, but what are the risks of getting into the middle of these hero clashes between a group of vigilante superheroes and ordinary parents? With the help of a medical expert, we’ll try to untangle the mystery behind how the heroes are working, and why are people risking their lives to join them.

Is there any risk in helping others?

In the age of coronavirus, the world is being taken over by superheroes: government officials, medical workers and police officers wearing the insignia of the city’s superhero community, the “Team Toronto Heroes.” And they’re getting a lot of attention.

The heroes have turned out in droves to help and support police and medical workers in their important and dangerous roles at the front line of the pandemic. But they’re in training, and most aren’t well-trained or prepared. The heroes face the same questions they always have: how much vaccine should we give? What if we give a lot of vaccine? And how can we manage the side effects?

It’s a question that arises on every side of the “hero” front line.

Toronto Mayor John Tory is supporting a high-dose of the vaccine in the city and across the country. Toronto police, paramedics, and other rescue personnel have a lot of the vaccine to hand at this stage, as do health care workers. Toronto firefighters and EMTs have had some, but not enough, to give on the front lines.

If you haven’t seen the heroes in action at this point, they’re certainly on their way. But, before they get there, the front line staff need to get a proper dose of training. So the superheroes have decided to create their own training facility in the back of a local hotel.

It’s a little-known fact that heroes aren’t trained to do this. Some training has been provided, but it’s almost never in the form of someone running around giving advice to the heroes. And that means it’s hard to know what they think is going on.

Hero Training Camp

It’s a little-known fact that heroes aren’t trained to do this.

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