The Dodger Fan Who Never Even Talked About Baseball

The Dodger Fan Who Never Even Talked About Baseball

Letters to the Editor: ‘I don’t sleep in October’ — on being a Dodger fan right now

There are times in life when you have to make difficult choices — choices that aren’t always well-received, no matter how smart you are.

There are times that require you to cut loose, change direction and follow your own instincts.

At least, that was the case for one Dodger fan whose name was never even mentioned in the wake of the team’s most shameful collapse last October.

I know I never mentioned your name, but you were at fault, as the owner of a blog called Dodger Thoughts. You were an author of a blog that, according to one writer, was “a major outlet for Dodger fans who believe the club is on the wrong track and they need a new direction.”

That was pretty much the same way this writer described you, though for him, you were a “cheerleader” who talked about some “great young players” and “great drafts.”

To this fan, you were an angry man who insisted on talking about sports and life in general — that’s what a guy who writes for Sports Illustrated does.

The problem with that is that I don’t have to pretend to be someone I’m not. You couldn’t be worse at that.

If anyone is on the path to redemption and to being happy with a new beginning, it’s me.

I’ve followed baseball since I was a young boy rooting for your team and against the Giants. I’ve followed it as closely as anyone has for as long as anyone can remember. I’ve been a part of the team’s rebuilding process for two years, and I’m still trying to get over it.

I’m sorry for how it ended, but I’m not sorry I didn’t give it a chance. The season should have been a fairy tale. If it had been, we would be speaking now about an historic, World Series-winning season instead of losing to our hated rivals.

And in the wake of last season, I have to admit, I was afraid that this season would be like that.

I had to tell myself not to worry — that we were going to be the same team, a good

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