The Democrats Are Not Interested in Changes in the Partisan Structure of the Congress

The Democrats Are Not Interested in Changes in the Partisan Structure of the Congress

Biden’s Agenda Hangs in the Balance if Republicans Take Congress

A majority of Americans would prefer an America where the presidency is not so closely tied to the fortunes of a few of the most prominent donors in our business community, and where the Supreme Court has a larger role in deciding our political system.

The Democrats, in the Senate, and in the House, have shown no interest in changing the structure of our democracy that has been in place for generations. The Democrats have their priorities in place and are willing to stand up and defend them at all costs.

This explains why more than 70% of voters say they trust the Democrats to uphold the will of the majority. However, if the Democrats take the House in November, they will need to rely on the same party to defend their priorities in the new Congress. If they are willing to compromise on certain issues like raising the minimum wage, they can take more than 80% of the votes they need in the Senate and in the House.

That is why they are making the following demands on Republicans in the new Congress:

If we do not change the partisan structure, we will have to rely on the Democrats to protect their own agenda. So far, they have not been particularly vocal about changing the voting rules, but that will change. Republicans need to be more assertive about defending the interests of the majority of Americans and refusing to compromise on issues like raising the minimum wage and ending free trade agreements that protect working families in the U.S.

I have been hearing from voters who say they would like to see changes in the current partisan structure of the Congress, and I recognize that a majority of voters in any given election time period support changing the voting rules. I agree there needs to be a better way to select legislators, but we should not turn off voters who will turn out for the Democrats come November.

If we can only get a majority of voters to agree with us, then we will need to have candidates that the majority of voters agree with to win the elections. We should not turn off those voters without offering something of substance to the voters that would help them support the Democrats. The Democrats are not interested in what we have to say.

If we get voters that agree with us, then we can start to change the law and get the majority of votes needed to pass some

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