The Art of Being Keanu Reeves: The Art of Being Keanu

The Art of Being Keanu Reeves: The Art of Being Keanu

Matthew Perry apologizes for ‘Keanu Reeves still walks among us’ putdown in new book

In an introduction to The Art of Being Keanu, director Nicolas Winding Refn tells his fellow actor that Reeves had only one scene in the movie.

Perry was then asked why he cut the scenes out. “I’d go back to that and say, well, I haven’t seen the movie since I did it … I thought I’d lost it,” he is quoted as saying in his book.

It’s an admission that Perry made just before the movie’s release in 2014, when he said that the film was “disappointing”, that it was his worst acting role.

“I should have gone back and seen it before I did it. I regret that. I think it was wrong of me to have done it. I think I’ve learned from that. I was just not prepared for it.

“It was just a very difficult movie. It’s hard to do a movie on that scale, in that much money. I am still doing movies for television shows, so I’m never really trying to do large scale movies, which probably wouldn’t have worked anyway. But for $60 million, it was a big amount of money and there was a lot of pressure. I think I had a pretty good script, which I had been going through for a while. And I had a great director. They were doing a great job of making it sound like an action movie but the more they cut things down, the more it looked like a crime movie.”

He’s admitted that it was too long! “I was in my late fifties at the time. I was at a point in my life where I was ready to stop going through life like that. And I remember thinking, Well, I could just do these smaller movies and put my name into the record. I just could keep going and going.”

“So I thought I

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