The Apple Store: A Tour of the New Apple Store

The Apple Store: A Tour of the New Apple Store

Listen on the go: Four Days investigation, narrated by Kevin Donovan and Bill Chappell.

It’s the morning after, and the four of us are out on the streets. We’re here for a look at the new, sleekly-styled Apple Store that’s been built on the site of an old car dealership in Southfield, Michigan. This whole neighborhood seems like it could be ready for the first round of Apple product launches. It is quiet, for the most part, except for the occasional passing car and the occasional bark of a dog. As we walk, the people we pass talk in hushed tones about what they’re planning to do with their smartphones.

On the second day of the Four Days, we’ve come to see how the Apple Store is doing.

The Apple Store is a great place to tour. We take it all in. We’re walking through the store with its shiny black walls and gleaming glass. Our camera pans from the new Apple TV sitting on an iMac to the new MacBook Air sitting on the counter. We see new products in the middle of the store, like the MacBook Pro and the iPod Touch.

Then we start our tour. It’s like entering a museum. There’s a new Apple Store where we’re standing on the last day of November, 2012. And the people moving around inside are Apple customers. They’re walking around, admiring the stuff. As we pass by, they reach up to touch them, just like they would if they had been handed something out of a box. They hold the new Apple devices in their hands. They walk around and talk to each other.

The Apple Store is great at showing off new products. It’s also a useful place to check things out.

The Apple Store has become a retail paradise. It’s filled with a broad assortment of Apple products, from the new MacBook Air to the iPod Touch and iPad. There are thousands of Apple employees on hand to help with any questions you might have. You can also check out a

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