Taylor Swift is waiting for her next album to sell out

Taylor Swift is waiting for her next album to sell out

Don’t fret, L.A.: Taylor Swift ticket sales just delayed due to ‘unprecedented demand’

L.A.’s Taylor Swift just has to wait for tickets to sell out. The pop princess’s “Red,” available Oct. 3, has “unprecedented demand,” which is why her latest album, Red, is delayed after its March 25 release.

That’s according to reports in the Hollywood Reporter, which says the singer and her label, Big Machine, tried to lower “unprecedented demand” — presumably to help reduce the number of tickets available to those hoping to see Swift on opening night of her latest tour, which kicks off on Oct. 1 in New York.


“With ‘Red’ and the beginning of the rest of ’18,’ we are making very deliberate efforts to keep ‘Red’ tickets on sale as long as possible to get as many people through the door,” an email from Big Machine reads. “We’re working with our industry partners to make sure people are there when they want to be there.”

The Hollywood Reporter says that L.A. is one of the top markets for Swift, who has spent the last few years touring outside of the country.

Meanwhile, Swift isn’t slowing down after having to reschedule several dates after a couple of her concerts were pushed back due to last-minute weather problems. Tickets for her upcoming tour, dubbed “On the Run: Red EP 2017,” sold out on Friday, Oct. 1, just two days after opening. Those who wanted to see her were, to say the least, in for a long wait.

Now Swift is asking, rather than waiting until next year to start work on her next album. She says she’s taking the time to lay down the “foundation” for her sixth album, and wants to give fans a “stunning” album she hopes will reflect the artist that made them fall in love with her.

Swift told the New York Times that with her latest album, she has “no limits” on ideas and no “fatal flaw” that will doom the project. She said she’s now focused on writing new material so she can deliver an album that’ll take her career to “all-time highs,” because the artist she is is “insanely talented.”

“To be honest, I’m having a much better time with writing

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