Swift Announces New Album, Midnights

Swift Announces New Album, Midnights

Bonus tracks, new video, a Spotify crash: Swift’s ‘Midnights’ is full of surprises, and, oh, the drama

The new album was revealed today by Swift, who took to Twitter to confirm that she’s been “writing a lot of’midnights’ in the studio right now.” No further detail, however, was revealed.


In her most recent blog post, Swift announced a new album, Midnights, out in October 2017 that will be her fourth studio album. Midnights, she said, would touch on “some pretty heavy topics” in a variety of formats, from short stories to radio show to “songs that could be a full album.”

Today, the announcement was made by Swift in a series of tweets. The first post from her account, below, begins with some news that she’s “making more music” in a series of posts. The first mention is, indeed, of new music.

A few minutes later, Swift adds that she’s excited to be collaborating with the producer Max Martin. “We’re working on a lot of things together,” she writes.

“I feel this may come out as a playlist, so we’ll see!” she added.

She further comments on a song from the new album, “Midnights.”

But the blog post doesn’t stop there. “I’m just kidding. Actually, this is just my way of saying I’m tired of people assuming I’m just ‘the next Taylor Swift,’ as I’m just as weird as her, which is weird as fuck,” she writes.

“We’re also working on a new song that’s gonna be on the album, and a short story that’s gonna be on the album. Just because I said I need more than one album! And I want the shortest album possible, so I’m already taking off my headphones and listening to this,” she said.

The short story is a “short story about my life.”

A couple of minutes later, Swift reveals that there are songs on the album that “will be a pop radio hit and will be on the album. But don’t worry, they will be short stories and they would be a lot of fun for listeners to listen to

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