Serena Williams: The Story of the World’s Most Famous Tennis Player

Serena Williams: The Story of the World’s Most Famous Tennis Player

See how Serena Williams became one of the all-time greats (and how she lost her chance at the top), and the story behind Andre Agassi’s rise to another level.

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All the talk about Serena Williams’s success started with her backhand and forehand.

In 2010 she defeated Serena in a match at the Australian Open. In 2011 she beat her for her first major titles at the US Open. In 2013 she beat Serena in the final of the Australian Open. In 2014 she won the French Open.

In 2011 Williams played in the “Miracle on Ice” event in Pyeongchang, South Korea. It was her first time on the ice in a competition, and she did not disappoint. She was seeded No. 1 (after a 16th-place finish at the 2010 Vancouver Games). Her opponent was Kim Clijsters, who, just a few months earlier, had won the gold medal in the women’s 100-kilometer. Clijsters scored two in the final and Williams was able to hold serve in the deciding set and end up losing only five games in the match. Two years later she won the gold medal in the women’s Olympic singles.

In 2013 Williams was on court alongside a group of players who had just won the tournament.

In 2014 she took out Serena, who had been seeded No. 1, in the final match. The match was also in Pyeongchang, but not on ice, but the two faced each other in the semi-finals.

After being out of the world’s top 10 for seven years, Serena Williams had a few games to catch up. In December she reached the semi-finals of the Australian Open. On the way she broke her own record for consecutive wins at the Australian

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