Scientologists are awash in sexual assault allegations

Scientologists are awash in sexual assault allegations

Church of Scientology is on opposite ends of two celebrity rape cases in L.A., New York and Los Angeles. There have been allegations of a cover-up by a former member when a police detective accused him of rape. Now he’s on the other end of the scale when a former member says she was raped and forced to have sex with Scientology’s leader, David Miscavige. There are allegations he committed suicide after a violent divorce from his wife.

Cases of abuse in the church have been reported around the world.

David Miscavige, 63, is facing allegations of sexual assault. He had a brief relationship with high-ranking church member Lisa McPherson. Then he moved on quickly, to former church member Heather comet.

Comet, 38, who had an ongoing affair with Miscavige for two years, says Miscavige forced her to have sex with him about three times a week. She says he forced her to watch him have sex and said he made her perform oral sex for him.

“He forced me, through force, to engage in sexual behavior with him multiple times a week,” Comet wrote. “I was told my only choice was to perform oral sex for him or accept his verbal and physical demands.”

After an initial “brief, consensual encounter,” Comet says Miscavige forced her to perform oral sex. Once, she says Miscavige threatened, “I don’t care if you leave Scientology or leave the church. Either way, you’re going to have to do what I say.”

McPherson says the last time she had sex with Miscavige was about three weeks ago, right after she heard Scientologists were protesting a new policy requiring all Scientologists to have a “clear” in Scientology.

McPherson says she refused to engage in more unwanted sex and left after a few days. When she heard the protests were over, she began having sex with Miscavige again. Comet says she also stopped performing oral sex for him.

“He told me that he was’saving me from the devil’.” But Comet says Miscavige told her “that I was the devil in the making and that if I didn’t do what he said, I would be destroying Scientology.”

After an initial meeting, the two continued to have sex, but Comet says she stopped having sex with Miscavige after they argued about Scientology in a “very physical manner, much like what happened with David Misc

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