Running for the Love of Running

Running for the Love of Running

The Fastest Woman in This Year’s New York City Marathon Is Israeli.

I have to admit, it’s not like I particularly care for this type of running. You’d think I’d be all about running at 10-and-a-half hours. But to tell you the truth, I’m not. But as much as I’ve found running to my liking over the last few years, I’ve always found running to be a lot of fun.

And the one thing that truly has made me love running so much is how supportive my wife and children (and myself) have been.

Being a working mother has its perks, and one of the greatest perks of being a working mother is having my two children take pride in my work and my accomplishments. And let me tell you – I’ve had more runoffs with my kid, they’ve been more vocal about the fact that I’m just not their mom.

I’ll admit, my running has definitely suffered, but I’m not running just for the sake of the runs, and I’m certainly not afraid for my kids.

But last weekend, I found out that my running life was about to change.

I had a run that was scheduled in two weeks (a 7K in Boston), and I hadn’t run since I did it in May 2014.

This was not a run that I was looking forward to, but my first thought from the get-go was to run all the way to Boston. Not to get to the city, not to run the marathon, but to show my kids that I can be a dad – just not as a dad. I couldn’t wait for Friday, the day that I had the run, so I ran the last of the two 10Ks I had scheduled that day.

I don’t normally run this far. The last two times I’ve run this far, I only ran 5K or 6K. And this time didn’t count because my 10K was the day before – and I had

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