Love Like God

Love Like God

An ‘Aggressive Love for Life’ Regardless of Life’s Challenges

A woman’s first love is her last love, but the best love is the love that is given to you in a place of need. You just may not recognize it on its surface. When you receive it from God, you will truly understand the meaning of “love like God”, “Loving like I’m not loving.”

I believe that in this love of God, there’s one thing I’ve really come to realize. The love that I have for God, and His love for me, is truly love like God. Even when I feel the most unworthy, and when I feel like a loser, there’s nothing I can do to stop God. He does whatever He wants to do. No one can stop him. He is not limited to my circumstances. At times He tells me, “You may never get anything like this again!”. Then He shows me something that totally blows me away. I realize that just because we don’t get everything we want, doesn’t mean that He doesn’t care. He does.

As I’ve been pondering all this, I’ve come to a point where I know one thing about this: It’s not about what I’ve done or what I’ve accomplished. God’s purpose is much greater than that! He loves me regardless of all success, or lack of success. God has a purpose for each of us, as long as we desire it. No matter what He’s done with you, or for you, there’s still hope. God is calling you, just like He called Job. You just may not recognize it all at first. You may not even know you are being called until you can say, “I have found something even better than where I was before.” As long as you trust in His love, as long as you realize that He does

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