LACMA Art + Film Gala – The Cutest Little Stars

LACMA Art + Film Gala - The Cutest Little Stars

Kendall Jenner’s cut-outs, Jared Leto’s pink hair, and Billie Eilish’s new relationship: LACMA Art + Film Gala – The Cutest Little Stars

I’m a fan of all three of these pop stars, but each of their careers is so very different. I’d like to share how different they are. And I’d also like to ask you to take a moment and think about how different this is:

LACMA Art + Film Gallery 2017:

“We are so incredibly lucky to have the support of all of you, and we’re beyond grateful,” said Yael Grobglas, chair of the exhibition. “This exhibition is about the people who make LACMA great and who make this great city great. Our greatest wish is for you all to leave with a sense of wonder, with joy, and with a feeling of pride in LACMA and this city.”

The collection of more than 150 pieces of temporary and permanent art was made possible by the generous contributions of hundreds of donors and by sales of gallery space. All proceeds will go to support the LACMA Art + Film Gallery’s ongoing commitment to support the arts community and to fund the restoration and programming of the Gallery’s core collection.

When the exhibit was announced in 2016, some local arts advocates were concerned that the exhibition was too controversial. One prominent critic has suggested that the exhibit should have been canceled. Another has questioned whether or not the organizers of this exhibit will continue to have access to the public when they make their next big move.

I love what I love and I love what I don’t love:

LACMA Art + Film Gala – The Cutest Little Stars – A gallery exhibit is a chance to get to know someone in a different way. And in the case of LACMA Art + Film Gala – The Cutest Little Stars, it also means that we get to know the other artists in the exhibit, as well as the artists that contribute to it.

We don’t see a lot of people in here. We want to know about your favorite artists you’re following online, your favorite

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