Kanye West’s comments about abortion are a “big agenda to attack me”

Kanye West’s comments about abortion are a “big agenda to attack me”

Kanye West assails Jews, abortion in new interview with Lex Fridman

In a radio interview with Fridman, West expressed his feelings on the controversy over his comments about the holocaust and abortion.

In a radio interview with Radio Fórum talk show host Lex Fridman on May 11, Kanye West spoke about the current controversy surrounding his recent comments about Jews and abortion.

The star, who at the time did not realize he was being interviewed, spoke about the Holocaust and the genocide of the black race in the U.S. West said that “The Holocaust was the worst event in human history. The Nazis murdered 6 million Jews.”

The rapper was asked about his comments on Twitter and his recent comments on the holocaust and abortion.

During the interview, West also claimed that his statement about abortion was, “in the spirit of God, of love, of music.”

“I’m from a generation that grew up like you when you were a kid,” he said. “You are not religious.”

The musician, who described himself as a “Christian conservative” said that he is a “strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment,” but that he supports abortion because “it’s not a decision you can take lightly.”

“I’m not here to hurt anybody, [but] I’m trying to make a point,” West said. “Like there are six million children that lose their parents to abortions every year.”

West also said that the media has a “big agenda to attack me” in the context of the current controversy over the comments he made about the holocaust and the Holocaust.

He ended the interview, stating that he’s not sure what his next move will be.

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