How Many People Can Turn Out For A Peaceful Demonstration?

How Many People Can Turn Out For A Peaceful Demonstration?

Biden mute as protests demand freedom around the world

Washington, DC – “How many people can turn out for a peaceful demonstration?” said Vice President Joe Biden this past week. “I think we’re seeing a massive demonstration coming on now after the election, and we should thank those people who are showing up.” He then added: “You’re welcome, but I have no idea how many people it’s going to take.”

“We’ll see,” came his answer.

The same vice president has previously denied the existence of a “climate crisis”, preferring instead to label it “global warming”, a phrase that seems to make the difference between a weather event and a climate disaster. He is a vocal supporter of the war in Iraq and opposed to the Keystone pipeline. He supported the Iraq War and opposed the war in Afghanistan.

Biden appears to be saying that climate change is not a crisis. He has dismissed scientific studies supporting climate change as “fraud”.

In a separate interview, he said of the environment: “I don’t know if we’re going to be able to meet our needs for the next 100 years. I’m not a scientist. I don’t know. I don’t know. But I am absolutely sure we’re going to meet our needs. We’re going to meet them whether we have a president in the White House who believes me or not.”

How many people can turn out for a peaceful demonstration? How many people can turn out for a peaceful protest?

The reality is that the people who are able to make the difference in a peaceful protest are in short supply, so it’s not as though the vast majority of the people in the United States lack the means to protest.

The reality of the US is that the vast majority of people are either indifferent or hostile to such protests. More than 1 million of the 3 million veterans who served in Afghanistan have never returned home.

More than 800,000 people are homeless in the US, a number that has increased by nearly 50 percent over the last decade. There is an annual average of more than 1,300 homeless deaths in the US, more than 1,800 deaths a year that are not related to drug overdoses or car accidents.

The United States is a country with

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