Globalism is a Con Game

Globalism is a Con Game

Op-Ed: Hurricane Ian and the coming climate crash

From climate change to the coming collapse of civilization caused by climate change, it was very clear to me that the world had already started to move in the direction of a very serious, potentially cataclysmic and highly unpredictable disaster or collapse of civilization. We do not know what its nature, but it was very clear to me that we may soon face the first of what will develop into a series of catastrophic events, which will cause the world, and eventually civilization, to collapse.

As I recently detailed in this Op-Ed, the global warming movement is a huge con game, but it has become a very dangerous and very effective one. This con game is based on an economic ideology called “globalism” that is very powerful and that is based on the fundamental lie that governments and businesses can make decisions for us that we cannot make for ourselves.

In addition, since the mainstream media is largely owned by the globalists, many things that would be regarded as normal are not, by the globalists, to be considered normal.

Globalism is a worldview that is based on the idea that the federal, or global, government is a good thing and is the only thing that can really make decisions. This ideology is based on two principles: first, those in power should be able to govern and, second, they need to be “elected.”

The idea that corporations and governments have the ability to make decisions for us is a complete con, and it has been used for over a hundred years to “make” us into slaves (workers) and to make us dependent on that for our livelihoods.

When it comes to the environment, this ideology is used to tell us that the environment is a “product” of the economy. When it comes to jobs, this ideology is used to tell us that only government can create jobs. The ideology has been used to tell us that we need government to

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