Ghana’s Pote Human is a Goalkeeper

Ghana’s Pote Human is a Goalkeeper

Ghana coach slams ref after Ronaldo’s record World Cup goal

The country’s new coach Pote Human wrote his name into the history books by scoring the biggest goal in World Cup history and his goal came from an incredible angle.

The 32-year-old coach of the national team had the ball in his hands and at a relatively deep angle from the goalkeeper, but as he tried to take his shot, he was struck on the face by the ball.

It left him with a massive gash over his left eye, which led to his suspension from football for eight matches.

Human later claimed that the ball hit him in the face because his back was turned.

Ghana has its own footballing stars and it is no secret that the country is keen on producing world class footballers.

However, one Ghanaian star has been struggling at the international level.

Ghana’s World Cup goalscorer

The former Atalanta star is currently one of the most capped players in the world.

He has scored 16 goals in 49 appearances. He is also the most capped player in the World Cup with 25 goals scored.

Safiya Sananoye has been in the headlines before. In fact, he has been in the story before with his involvement in a car accident.

The 31-year-old was involved in a road accident in Lagos, Nigeria, which left him with severe injuries.

His health has deteriorated however, with the midfielder struggling to walk and even being admitted to hospital for treatment last week. It was initially feared that he may not walk again.

The news that he is likely to be out for 8-10 weeks is a shock one, but it is worth mentioning that he is a trained goalkeeper.

The news came with Nigeria’s players gathering in the training ground.

The former West Ham United midfielder told the website NME: ‘I have a long way to go, and I need to get strong in the gym and be ready for Nigeria.

‘I have not been injured for a

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