COVID-19: What can countries do?

COVID-19: What can countries do?

ND stored thousands of COVID-19 vaccine doses at incorrect temperatures for past 2 years. This failure to confirm quality assurance and storage conditions is likely to create an over-exposure of children from India and other countries to the coronavirus. The WHO calls for the rapid production, distribution and global use of vaccines, but we are already seeing a shortage of some vaccines that could have prevented the 1918-1919 pandemic.

The coronavirus was not previously considered to spread through blood or other bodily fluids. In the wake of the pandemic, however, there is growing consensus that airborne transmission from the lungs and body fluids of infected individuals could be a life-threatening risk to close contacts, especially during the incubation period, which was 3 to 14 days (1).

The WHO says airborne transmission of COVID-19 is unlikely to happen as long as the infection is limited to the respiratory system with no other signs of illness and no body cavity and other body fluids (2). Some have therefore proposed that the WHO be renamed the Global Health Security Committee (3). Yet another group, the Health Security International (HSI) (4), has even suggested that the WHO be renamed the Global Health Council or World Health Council (5). The UK Foreign Office (6), the UK Cabinet Office (7) and the US State Department (8) all have made the same proposal.

The WHO and the World Bank have expressed concern that a COVID-19 pandemic in any country outside China would cause the world economy to crumble. However, the pandemic now spreading through India and other countries could do the opposite and create a global economic storm by bankrupting some of the most destitute countries on the planet. In addition, the WHO has now called on countries to “prevent disease outbreaks and reduce the risk of further outbreaks of [COVID-19],” but what do these countries need to do? What kind of action needs to be taken to prevent a pandemic and prevent the economy from collapsing?

The World Bank and the World Health Organization have been accused of being irresponsible and corrupt for allowing billions of dollars of loans

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