Colombia’s “Concept Stores”

Colombia’s “Concept Stores”

Bogotá’s ‘Concept Stores’ Showcase Colombia’s Emerging Brands

While most of the Colombian media has focused its attention on the rise of supermodels, Colombian “concept stores” have been quietly showing people what makes Colombia great in ways no other country can.

These are not your typical Colombian stores where Colombian families of all colors sit around and shop at each other’s houses. Not like in the U.S. where Colombians of all ethnic backgrounds and generations shop side by side at the same store. And not just like in Mexico where you’ll find a Colombian store in front of a Mexican one. Colombia’s concept stores are truly one-of-a-kind, unique to their cities, their neighborhoods, and their particular styles.

Take for example Bogotá’s La Zona Rosa, a true neighborhood concept store that was built to encourage people to shop local. The store has a huge collection of Colombian clothing, accessories, and food, but also features a selection of international goods. The store’s owners, Fernando Zulueta and Maribel Viana, are committed to promoting the local culture, and even hosting events to show off this unique part of Colombia. They even have their own mascot to represent this unique, multicultural concept store.

This store was a culmination of efforts Zulueta and Viana have been making in their own neighborhoods, as well as in Bogotá City. Their efforts have been recognized by the Municipality of Bogotá, as well as by the Cámara de Comercio Colombiana (CC) – the Colombian Chamber of Commerce. They are working towards creating a more diverse commercial center in Bogotá.

Bogotá’s “concept stores” are not only unique in their design and layout, but also in their approach to marketing their store. They have been able to build their own loyal customer base by focusing on their customers’ needs. If Bogotá’s Concept Store Zona Rosa does not sell its goods, that is because there is a lack of demand. That’s

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